Putting Ice in an ICED Cap
Running with ICED Cap
White ICED Cap


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Real Results

Reduce your running time during hot races and training sessions by as much as 30 seconds per mile.

Maximum Comfort

Stay cool even in severe heat because of the cooling effects of real ice.


The ICED Cap can be used for just about any purpose as long as you don’t mind getting wet! Great uses include running, outdoor sports, and recreation.


Want to shave time off of your race results? See how much time the ICED Cap can help you lose.

About the ICED Cap

The ICED Cap is a running cap/cooling cap made of mesh fabric that is designed to cool down athletes (runners, triathletes, tennis players, golfers, etc.) or people at beaches, swimming pools, etc. in hot weather. Its unique feature- the top of the Cap- is a roomy pocket for ice with a drawstring closure.

ICED Caps have been used by testers while-

  • Competing in Ironman, Half-Ironman, and Olympic and Sprint Triathlons
  • Running races of varying distances
    • 5K
    • 10K
    • Half-marathons
    • Marathons (including the Boston Marathon)
    • Ultramarathons (50K and 100K)
  • Training outdoors
  • Lounging at the beach, swimming pools, etc.

In very hot running races or triathlons, our tests have shown that running paces can be reduced by as much as 30 seconds per mile with the use of an ICED Cap.  During training tests, the runner’s heart rate is significantly reduced when running at the same pace, or, if the heart rate is kept the same in training runs in the same temperature conditions, the runner will maintain a higher pace.  For example, on two different 85°F days, a test runner ran 8 miles on the same course keeping his heart rate at 140 bpm in both runs.  The run with the ICED Cap with ice was completed at about 30 seconds per mile faster than the run without ice.  Our tests have shown that running with ice in an ICED Cap lowers the effective temperature about 20°F as far as running paces are concerned.   This means that if a race temperature is 80°F, your body will feel like it is about 60°F.  The creator of the ICED Cap uses his own Cap in all races of about 70°F or higher.

General Instructions

  1. Ensure that ice is/will be available before and (if applicable) during your activity.
  2. When ready to begin activity, loosen drawstring and pull ice pocket open.
  3. Pour ice into the pocket.
  4. Tighten the drawstring to close the pocket.
  5. Adjust the ice position as desired.
  6. Enjoy cool relief from the heat!


Keep in mind that this product is intended to keep you cool in hot weather by allowing ice to directly cool your head and also by dripping cold water onto your head and body. The ice will melt and become cold water, and the water will run through the Cap’s lightweight athletic material onto you. This chill is a major part of what makes the ICED Cap yield the impressive results that it does.  Additional cooling comes from evaporative cooling from the water from the ice melting that drips down to your clothes.

For the first couple of minutes after putting ice in your ICED Cap, some people may experience a sensation similar to a brain-freeze. This effect typically only happens when the ICED Cap is first filled with ice; refilling does not cause discomfort usually.

Melting water can be directed to drip in certain directions based on your preference by readjusting the angle of your ICED Cap. If you prefer water to drip down your neck and back, tilt the front of your Cap up. If you tilt the front of your Cap down, some water will run off the tip and drip in front of you (usually missing your body).

UPDATE: ICED Cap is looking for coaches of outdoor sports to have their players try out the ICED Cap for free! We’re looking for coaches of tennis, cross country, football, lacrosse, and any other outdoor sport where a cap with ice in it would help regulate temperature for athletes. Send us an email at to inquire about this- limited quantities available.