The following data is derived from the Jack Daniels' VDOT Running Calculator at this link using "Advanced Features". It calculates the effect of temperature on a runner's running pace over a specified distance. Using a reference temperature of about 60 degrees (below this temperature has little effect on a runner's time), it can calculate the effect of higher temperatures on a runner's pace and time over a given distance.

5K Age Group Runner

Temperature (°F) Time (min) Pace (Min/Mile)
60°F 30:03 9:40
70°F 30:31 9:49
80°F 30:58 9:57
90°F 31:26 10:07
100°F 31:54 10:16

Testing of the ICED Cap has shown that running with ice lowers the effective temperature of a runner by about 20°F. If it is 80°F outside, the runner will perform as if it is 60°F. If it is 100°F, the runner will perform like it is 80°F.

As can be seen in the above data, a runner who normally completes a 5K in approximately 30 minutes can save about 17 seconds per mile for about a 55 second overall time savings. These figures will vary; heat affects every individual differently.

10K Age Group Runner- Advanced

Temperature (°F) Time (min) Pace (Min/Mile)
60°F 40:04 6:27
70°F 40:41 6:33
80°F 41:18 6:39
90°F 41:55 6:45
100°F 42:32 6:51

For this runner, the anticipated savings would be about 8 seconds per mile (or about 1 minute and 14 seconds for the whole race). Even if the runner slows down for a few seconds at an aid station, over a minute should still be saved due to the ICED Cap.

Half Marathon- Beginner Triathlete in Half Ironman*

Temperature (°F) Time (min) Pace (Min/Mile)
60°F 2:45:15 12:34
70°F 2:47:48 12:43
80°F 2:50:21 12:56
90°F 2:52:54 13:06
100°F 2:55:26 13:19

The above runner saves about 22 seconds per mile (about 5 minutes total).

*In which ice is provided at aid stations.

Marathon- Triathlete in Ironman*

Temperature (°F) Time (min) Pace (Min/Mile)
60°F 3:10:18 7:16
70°F 3:13:13 7:23
80°F 3:16:10 7:29
90°F 3:19:05 7:36
100°F 3:22:01 7:42

*In which ice is provided at aid stations.

This indicates a pace savings of about 13 seconds per mile (about 6 full minutes); a substantial improvement from products frequently purchased by runners and triathletes to reduce their times. For instance, an aerodynamic water bottle is available for sale at a $90 cost. Reviews show that this water bottle only saves about 10 seconds in a full triathlon.

Popular Triathlon Purchases

Item Cost Time Saved (Seconds) Cost/Second Saved ($/sec)
ICED Cap $30 350 $0.09
Aero Water Bottle $90 10 $9.00
Tri Bike* $8,000 360 $22.22
Wetsuit $300 135 $2.22
Aero Helmet $180 340 $0.53

*This is calculated as the price difference and time savings of a $10,000 tri bike over a $2,000 tri bike.

Triathletes spend thousands of dollars to shave seconds off their times. The ICED Cap can save you substantial minutes for an extremely affordable price. Try your own today!