Support Small Businesses During COVID-19!

I know this has been a trying time globally for the past month. For the first time in recent history, a large portion of the world finds themselves isolated at home to protect their health and the health of others around them. One major impact is the toll on consumers and the economy as a whole. Many businesses are struggling financially through the uncertainty, most of them closing or changing operation due to state laws, or seeing a decrease in sales.

So how can we help? Try to get takeout or delivery from a small business restaurant. In many states, they have temporarily allowed takeout for alcohol as well, which is where a lot of businesses make profit.  Many physical stores also have online stores that would allow for you to place orders for items that you would normally buy anyways, or allow you to schedule orders for the future. Buy a gift card to use later at places that you will go to after this is all over. Go online and leave reviews or posts to champion businesses that you love and want to keep around.

You can also buy an ICED Cap right here on our page to get ready for all those races that are getting rescheduled for later. We are seeing high temperatures  and a lot of humidity in Georgia, where I am writing this post. Keep up your training through the heat with an ICED Cap! Check out our other pages to learn more about how the ICED Cap can help you beat the heat this summer!

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