Thank you for joining the ICED Family!

If you are on this page, that means you probably purchased an ICED Bucket Hat. Way to Go! This page will help you get started with your Hat by going over it’s key features.

1. Locate the ice pocket

Flip to the inside of your hat to find the insulated pocket for ice. This pocket uses mesh and velcro to keep the ice suspended above your head. This pocket can also be used to store other things when not using ice, such as your wallet, keys, or snacks.

2. Close the Pocket and Place on Head

Make sure the velcro is closed and fitted correctly, as to not trap hair. Then, flip the hat onto your head.

3. Dual Drawstrings for Sizing and Comfort

This product has a drawstring on the back to adjust the fit around your head and a chin drawstring that allows for a secure fit in active or windy environments. The strap can hang loose or be tucked into the pocket when not in use.