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  1. I love your cap, it is only cooling cap I ever found that work in south easter US because humidity. I wish you made version that had wide brim. Mowing and other activities in sun, we have easy access to ice, right now my crew take 10 minute break per hour when real feel goes above 100. Probably pay for hat 3/4 days.

  2. We are so glad you enjoy the ICED Cap! Keep checking back for updates and potentially some new products in the near future!

  3. I wear a large to XL size cap. Do they come in different sizes? Which one would you recommend for golf?

  4. Hi there! The 4.0 came with a slightly increased size, but they are all the same size for each kind. The ICED Bucket hats have an increased size option in the camo and black colors. Hope this helps!

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